A Billion Dollars of Hidden Money in America

As you know, a big part of my book and what I say is there is so much “Hidden Money” in America; in the government, in corporations, in non-profits – nothing sneaky, just money and opportunities we should be applying for that are particularly advantageous to women and minority owned companies.

Well, our dear partners WIPP (Women Influencing Public Policy), an incredible non-profit that helps advocate for and teaches women how to find Hidden Money (among many other things), has uncovered over a billion dollars of Hidden Money in tax incentives that we should all know about and be taking advantage of.
I’m excited to share that WIPP, working with American University’s Kogod Tax Policy Center, has released its new report showing how women business owners use the tax code. The results are startling!

Kogod’s report, Billion Dollar Blind Spot: How the U.S. Tax Code’s Small Business Expenditures Impact Women Business Owners, which used a national survey of WIPP affiliated women business owners as part of its analytical foundation, shows that women business owners are missing out on key tax provisions. Additionally, they can’t take full advantage of more than $255 billion in tax incentives designed to stimulate small business growth, or access to capital and investment.

Ladies,we need to become informed. Please read the report and please stay in touch with our webinars and our stories on Hidden Money.

WATCH: Hidden Money in America with Rosie Rios

We have an incredible Summer School webinar series, coming up in August, with “real talk” and step by step information on how to start with an idea, launch a business, scale it, and actually make money. Stay tuned for more info…Finding the “Hidden Money” is part of the “how”.

Nothing is coming to us on a silver platter, we have to go hunt it down. Thank you to WIPP and Kogod for digging and hunting on our behalf – but now,let’s go hunting for all this Hidden Money!

Adelante!!! Ladies – Let’s become Self Made.

Our Road to the White House

I am so proud that we women have woken up. We are organizing, we are meeting, we are speaking up! We are realizing what it takes to be heard and now we are beginning to understand how so many of the women who came before, sacrificed, in order to open doors for the rest of us who followed. We enjoy all the rights they fought for and sometimes take for granted. I am so proud of the 8 Latinas , who took the challenge in a difficult and competitive state like California and ran for a congressional seat!

I want us to honor these women. Although they did not win, they are now in the game!

We all must know who they are and what they are doing for us! Sara Hernandez, Wendy Carillo, Maria Cabildo, Vanessa Aramayo, Alejandra Campoverdi, Yolie Flores, Melissa “Sharkie” Garza and Sandra Mendoza. These Latinas are opening the doors for all of us.They are making a statement that says, “we rightfully belong and want to have a voice in this government!” and by making themselves heard, they make us all be heard.

This is what we must do with our voices, our feelings, and our anger – take action to make the world better. And even if we don’t make it the first time, we get back on the horse!

There are organizations such as Poder Pac, whose goal it is to provide Latina candidates running for Congress with resources to help them launch winning campaigns; Latino Victory Fund, a movement that builds power so the voices and values of Latinos are reflected at every level of government; and Latinas Lead, with a mission to contribute to Latinas seeking political office.

We must all support these Latinas who are running for office, donate to their campaigns, and how about you? Where can you lead? Stand up and be brave! The future is in our hands—and in our voices. Let’s use them!

Our Stories

This week we’re featuring the inspiring journey of Dr. Yasmin Davidds, a woman who took her very painful circumstances and turned that pain into her mission and business. Pain to Profit! Check out her story HERE!

Hidden Money

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™

This program is a national competition and executive education program that identifies a select group of high-potential women entrepreneurs whose businesses show real potential to scale — and then helps them do it. Deadline to apply or nominate someone is June 9.

Adelante in the News and on the Scene!

Check out Nely Galán with Univision’s Luis Sandoval on Facebook Live! And a great mention of The Adelante Movement in this informative Wallethub piece.

On May 3, Nely will participate on a panel called “Inclusion: Does That Include Me?” at the Bentonville Film Festival, which is is a one of a kind annual event which will champion women and diversity in all aspects of entertainment media. Nely will also lead a workshop called, “Hollywood is Not Your Prince Charming, so Become Self Made Now!”

On May 4, Nely will lead a webinar called “Find the Hidden Money in America,” presented by the SBA and Chase. Register HERE!

And if you’re in LA on May 20th, don’t miss the Posible LA Entrepreneur Summit 2017 powered by Univision in partnership with The Adelante Movement, presented by Coca-Cola, which will take place at The Reef from 9 am – 5 pm. Adelante members use the code Adelante and get 20% off of the ticket! Register HERE.

Find your Achilles heel and heal it

There’s no getting around it: even the most successful women on the planet have to come to terms with the fact that there is no such thing as being invincible. We all have to remember that even before we are go-getters, warriors, doers and makers—we are human beings first. Look at publishing maverick Arianna Huffington, who writes about the importance of sleep; or Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg who was recently on the cover of the Time discussing grief, after the untimely death of her husband. These are deeply human issues, which sometimes, in our quest to climb to the top, happen to us.

No matter how successful we are, obstacles and issues always arise, and we learn that there is no happily ever after in life. As we work to achieve our goals, we get thrown lessons, issues that make us realize that we actually have a long way to go. Which is fine, because becoming self-made is a lifetime journey of mastery, and part of that mastery is knowing when to reassess, to reboot and to take note of what you need to take care of in yourself. It’s about knowing that even mentors need mentors, and that it’s ok and even necessary to get help when you need it. So I ask you today: where is your achilles heel? What’s not going well and what do you need to make yourself feel better?

Self Made Stories

This month we’re featuring the inspiring journey of Janet Yang, the Chinese-American Producer who Achieved Success by Connecting with Her Roots. Her ground-breaking film The Joy Luck Club, and so many others she has made, have bridged her culture with her film career. Listen to the story of how she became a movie maven HERE.

Hidden Money

The Cartier Women’s Initiative is looking for committed female entrepreneurs heading initiatives with the potential to grow significantly in the years to come. It is a unique opportunity for early-phase women entrepreneurs to take their companies to the next level. Highlights of the competition:

  • One-to-one personalized business coaching and collective entrepreneurship workshops
  • Press conference
  • Peer networking
  • Laureates winning package: $US 100,000 in prize money, a place on the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship 6-Day Executive Programme (ISEP), one-to-one personalized business mentoring, media visibility and networking opportunities
  • For more information clickHERE.

Self Made in the News and on the Scene

Becoming self-made is part of conversations everywhere! Check out Nely Galán on Dr. DrewHollywood Talk LiveWalker’s Legacy Foundation, and a great podcast on Women’s Eye Radio! Find out how you can become self-made, one day at a time.

On April 28th, Nely will give a lunch address at The Dallas Regional Chamber: 21st Annual Women’s Business Conference. For more information, click here.

On May 3rd, Nely will participate on a panel called “Inclusion: Does That Include Me?” at the Bentonville Film Festival, which is is a one of a kind annual event which will champion women and diversity in all aspects of entertainment media.

Our stories must be told

This has been the month of Latinas. I was thrilled to see Fortune magazine publish the list of the 50 most powerful Latinas in corporate America—all women we should know and honor. I was happy to see so many friends and Adelante supporters among the group, incredible women such as Gisel Ruiz from Sam’s Club; Sonia Dulá and Ileana Musa from Bank of America; Priscilla Almodovar and Alice Rodriguez from JP Morgan Chase; Beatriz Perez from Coca-Cola; Dorene Dominguez from Vanir; Nina Vaca from Pinnacle; Maria Elena Lagomasino from We Family; Monica Lozano from La Opinión; Myrna Soto from Comcast; Cynthia Hudson from CNN, and so many more. These are all Latinas we should know by name and get to know their stories. If they can do it you can do it, too.

In our stories and in our pain is our answer. For even more inspiration, here is an incredible Huffington Post piece that outlines some of the most illustrious memoirs and autobiographies written by Latinas. We’re delighted again to see some of our own Adelante icons and supporters like Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor and superstar Rita Moreno on the list!

On an incredible note, the one and only Charo is on Dancing With The Stars! We must support her and vote for her. Charo is a self-made woman and a real estate mogul besides being a multi-faceted artist. You Go girl! We’re rooting for you!

Hermanas, the more we celebrate and promote one another’s journeys, the louder our collective voice becomes. The more we perpetuate the glory of one another’s successes, the clearer we can see that success is available to each and every one of us. And the more we learn from one another’s experiences, the closer we get to blazing our own paths.

Our Stories

Dolores Caffaro, an Argentinian immigrant, moved to Los Angeles to start a small furniture company, which today is a full-blown staging company with goods that she herself learned how to manufacture in China, and all kinds of celebrity clients. Watch her full story HERE!

Hidden Money

The Halstead Grant

This grant started in 2006 and has helped many talented jewelry artists gain a foothold in the challenging field. Past winners say that receiving the award was a turning point early in their careers when they were wavering on whether or not the jewelry studio was the right place for them. Being singled out by the grant program affirmed their choices and gave them a push to make their business dreams a reality. Apply HERE!

Adelante in the News and on the Scene!

Check out Nely Galán on Dr. Drew, Hollywood Talk Live, Walker’s Legacy Foundation, and a great podcast on Women’s Eye Radio!

On April 7-8 Nely will be in Coeur D’alene Idaho for the Innovation Collective Spring Summit

If you’re in Colorado on April 26, join Nely for a great Adelante Movement workshop presented by Coca-Cola at CSU, on how to become self-made. Check out the details here!

On April 28, Nely will be in Dallas for the 21st Annual Women’s Business Conference

And on April 30, she’ll be in Detroit for HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers™

When One of Us Succeeds, We All Win

Did you catch the Oscars this past weekend? We all know there was another “escándalo” like the one at Miss Universe with a mix-up about the winner—but that’s not what I want to talk about.

What I do want us to collectively think deeply about is the power of truly supporting one another as a community. Did you notice how many incredible African American artists won the Oscar? Did you also see that the best picture award went to an African American LGBTQ movie?

Isn’t it great that because the African American community stood up and chose themselves last year, this year everything changed? The African American community supported films like Moonlight, Hidden Figures, and Fences; and by spending money at the box office and making these films profitable, they created a greater market for themselves. Through the power of their purchase and supporting one another, they soared.

I always say that the success of one of us becomes the success of all of us.

WE HAVE TO BUY FROM OTHER LATINOS AND LATINAS. Until we understand that this is how abundance and commerce work, we will never come into our true power.

Our Stories

If you have not yet come across the story of Julissa Arce, there has never been a better or more poignant time to do so. Julissa started out in this country as undocumented and through the power of grit, creativity and endless hard work she became a Goldman Sachs analyst and a debut author! Hermanas, BUY AND READ HER BOOK. Her success is all of ours!

Here are parts one, two and three of her inspiring story!

Hidden Money

Digitalundivided is a company that uses innovation to foster the economic growth and empowerment of Latina and Black women entrepreneurs. Their BIG Incubator program (BIG) is geared toward tech enabled startups led by Latina and Black women. Located in downtown Atlanta’s Hurt Building, BIG provides a structured curriculum focused on developing sustainable businesses, mentorship by top leaders, opportunities to pitch directly to investors, and direct link to funding opportunities. BIG is a winner of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2015-2016 Growth Accelerator Fund Competition. They’re taking applications for their 2017 cohort very soon! Keep your eye on their site for more updates!

Adelante in the News and on the Scene!

In case you missed it, check out our own Nely Galán on Dr. Drew, Hollywood Talk Live and a great podcast on Women’s Eye Radio!

Hey Arizona! We’re coming to you for a great Adelante Movement workshop presented by Coca-Cola at ASU, on how to become self-made, led by Nely Galán. Check out the details here!

For you east coasters, on March 31, Nely will be at the Bay Path Women’s Conference in Springfield, MA. Details here!

In 2017 Becoming Rich in Every Way is a Must!

Last year I met so many of you on the road while on tour for my New York Times Bestselling Book, Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self Reliant and Rich in Every Way <https://ec305.infusionsoft.com/app/linkClick/3647/1e7a9186dac65002/2876707/1580a60cada57af4>  (2016, Random House). We spoke about what it means to become self-made, which starts by cultivating a mindset of personal responsibility and financial freedom through an entrepreneurial way of thinking. Becoming a financially independent woman has never been more important—and never been so available and accessible to all of us. But we have to go get it. We cannot be distracted, and we must follow the money to be truly free to do whatever we want, and to finally live a rich life in every way.

What did I learn from all of you last year? That the answer for us is in connecting with one other, partnering with and buying from each other. We have to build bridges and realize that together we have the ability to change our lives, model a different future for our children and ultimately change the world.

I also learned that most women don’t even know that there is hidden money in America—much less how to get it. We need to become hunters! There’s hidden money everywhere—from corporate contests to tax incentives to government grants. We must learn how to access the money that’s there, which is one of the benefits of paying taxes, of being part of the economic system that we belong to.

And even before we hunt for money out in the world, practice finding the hidden money in your home. Watch me explain how on Hollywood Live.

The point is to get creative and exhaust every possible way to locate and earn the hidden money that’s literally just sitting there right under your nose. Now go get it!

The Drama that will change our lives

Ladies, the world is upside down, our families are afraid and uncertain, but we are starting this year strong, knowing that we Latinas are uniquely prepared for DRAMA. Why? Because we are experts in drama! For better or worse, it’s in our DNA. There’s drama in our families, in our relationships, and in our countries of origin. We are perfectly qualified to handle it, to use it as a springboard, and to own these moments of uncertainty and pain as tools for even more growth! I am so happy to have taken time to recover from last year and I am ready to stand here with you and take new action in this new year! Let’s take all the drama around us and let it help us change our lives!

In the midst of all the chaos around us, there are still tremendous opportunities in entrepreneurship and we need to keep our eyes on the prize. Never before has our financial independence been so important to ourselves and our families. It’s the one place where we can still take actionable steps to do our thing. So I say let’s make this the year that we take action- together!!! And the first step of the action plan always begins with yourself. You know what I always say: you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first! So, prepare, recover, plan and act! What are the three things you will accomplish this year no matter what? Think about it…and then declare the action that makes it so!


Don’t miss Adelante’s founder Nely Galan:

The Steve Harvey Show

People Magazine

Money Magazine


Quick! The FedEx Small Business Grant Contest is right around the corner! This is an amazing grant program to award ten small businesses with grants up o $25,000 and up to $70,000 in FedEx Office print and business services. Entry period for the contest is Feb 21 – Mar 29, 2017. More info HERE.


There is no mountain high enough for this single Latina mom, daughter of immigrants who ended up at MIT with not one, but three degrees! Read this amazing story HERE.



Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

Every end also marks a new beginning, so as we wrap up this year, which was challenging, rewarding and everything in between, let’s take a collective breath of relief, knowing that 2017 is our chance to REBOOT. And before we pounce on our list of resolutions, I invite us all to ask ourselves the following questions:


*             What did I accomplish this year?


*             What did I want to accomplish?


*             How can I take it further next year?


*             What would I do differently?


*             What did I learn?


*             How did I grow?


*             How will I grow?


Looking back at 2016, we are so grateful and happy to have met so many of you, and hopefully helped you to forge onward to become rich in every way. And 2017 is going to be even better, with brand new content, insights and interviews to continue inspiring you! Stick with us. We’re just getting started.


Happy new year and see you real soon!

You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch to Become Self Made

After what can only be called an exciting but challenging year for all of us, I’m thrilled to be able to wrap it all up with an incredible spread in the current issue of People magazine <https://ec305.infusionsoft.com/app/linkClick/3517/6eeb06bf2a3b257c/2723689/a2e815f598cc3eb6> ! Of course I feel proud of the coverage—but even prouder of the fact that they helped spread the message of the book SELF MADE <https://ec305.infusionsoft.com/app/linkClick/3519/30cf2c0b54bce7b3/2723689/a2e815f598cc3eb6> , which is a testament to what we have all been saying: that entrepreneurship for women, and especially multicultural women, is unquestionably on the rise!


As we move into a new year, I want to say that there is no shame in saying that you have no idea how to become self-made. Some of us may have a clear vision of our goals and missions, but for others the road is not always so obvious. But luckily, there are countless ways to create a self-made mindset. The bottom line is that making money while you sleep does not mean you have to create a business, and becoming self-made does not mean you have to start from scratch.


Franchising, for example, is one of the easiest ways to kickstart a path of financial self-reliance. Learn all the tips and tricks on how it’s done from franchising pro, Nicole Enearu, who owns not one, but 13 franchises along with her mother and sister! Click here <https://ec305.infusionsoft.com/app/linkClick/3499/5b4517c1d2da2c6e/2723689/a2e815f598cc3eb6>  to register for our free and on-demand webinar, “Franchising as a Family Business” along with five of our other incredible webinars.


Happy Holidays!

Seize all the opportunities in 2017

You know what I say: it all starts by choosing yourself, by taking the reigns of your life, seizing the moment, and really getting behind the idea of calling your own shots. NEVER HAS THIS BEEN MORE IMPORTANT. In 2017, let’s not wait for things to happen—let’s jump on all the opportunities!

And as I have been telling you all year, the food business is one of the fast-growing industries for Latinas. This is why you should not miss our webinar “Opportunities in the Food Business” with Hattie Hill, CEO & President of the Women’s Foodservice Forum, who lays out all the different ways the food industry can help you cook up a killer career.

Click here to register for this and five more of our incredible free and on-demand webinars!